• Community Radio Policy guidelines issued by the Government of India recently, makes it possible for registered non-government organisations (as mediators for communities) to set up and establish community radio stations. The ecosystem is now at a very exciting phase. A number of organisations have been engaged in mobilising communities, to use voice as a medium of communication, to reach the masses. Community Radio India 2007 plans to bring the stakeholders, including the government, donors, civil society,academia, the private sector, and new incumbents together to reflect, debate and understand the opportunities and challenges. The forum will also explore ways to overcome the obstacles through collaborations and mutual learning, and chart outthe nextphase of operationlising the opportunities.

    Objective :

    Community Radio India 2007 will be an action platform for different stakeholders in the audio broadcasting field, and development practitioners to explore the opportunities that have opened up with the recent policies in operation now. CSDMS along with leading agencies like UNESCO, Community Radio Network, Voices, Commonwealth of Learning, etc., will bring together the practitioners and interested NGOs who are exploring how this new policy envionment can be effectively utilised for furthering their objectives of giving voice to the voiceless, and asa key empowerment tool for the marginalised communities. The critical advantage of the positive ecosystem, the role of donorsand supporting agencies, the current challenges of capacity, content, technology access, training needsand other self-regulatory and guidelines development issues that face the development scenario todaywillbe explored.

    Who should attend :

    • Radio professionals
    • Technical service providers
    • Technology providersand suppliers
    • Radio for developmentcommunity
    • CommunityMedia Centre practitioners
    • International support organisations
    • Independentmedia journalists
    • Potential community broadcasters
    • Campus radio practitioners
    • Project leaders
    • NGOsinterested in setting up CR stations
    • GovernmentMinistries
    • All India Radio producersand reporters
    • Communications for developmentprofessionals
    • International expertsand practitioners
    • CR forums, associationsand networks

    Why attend :

    • Make a strong pitch for giving prominence to Community Radio asan important area ofICT for development
    • Help create an interface between communities and the government, funding agencies, and other broadcast media.
    • Take up their plea to provide more legitimacy and space to community radio as a strong and effective development communication tool.
    • Discuss issues and solut ions that can help communities/organisations to set up and operate their own community radio stations.
    • Build a community of practitioners to be a knowledge pool for knowledge sharing, capacity building and advocacy.

    Themes :

    Understanding the evolving policy scenario and support from government

    • Key challenges to community radio services and delivery in India.
    • The possibilities and potential of community radio in India.
    • Technical training, setting up and requirement of manpower for NGOs(a workshop session)
    • Showcasing international community radio projects for learning
    • Linkages between telecentresand community radio
    • Cost consideration and different technological choices for potentialoperators
    • International networks and the support role in Indian CR movement
    • Setting up a radio station, the process, the tools and supportopportunities


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