• e-Agriculture India 2007 will explore the opportunities of how ICTs can be used to improve the lives of the rural communities. Timely information on weather, disasters, improved agricultural practices, commodity prices and market information would greatly benefit farmers directly to minimize the risks and provide opportunities for enhanced incomes while cutting out high debt servicing costs, and taking informed decisions. The impact is felt directly with improved incomesand savings, access to servicesand valuable connectionswith stakeholders. The Universities, policy makers, development specialists and NGOsworking for the farmers’ interestswould explore the current developments and scalability of experiments.

    Objective :

    Green revolution’s success rested upon India’s political leadership, bureaucrats, scientists and above all the farmers. No revolution is permanent, India now looks to unleash another revolution. We are on the cross roads of second green revolution. Conducive policies, delivery systems, capacitybuilding, infrastructure, strong inter-linkages, etc. have to exist. Today we have technology to codify Indian farmers’ traditional wisdom, compile ‘best scientific practices’, disseminate them widely and take well-informed decisions. Right information and its timely communication is sought to put Indian agriculture on high growth trajectory. In the wake of this allthe role of ICTsin agriculture becomes paramount. e-Agriculture 2007 is of crucial importance in light of the unprecedented agrarian crises in the country, and underlines the need for enabling the equitable integration of ICTs. The event aspires to address the problems faced by the primary sector by deliberating on the role of ICTs in improving services across the panoplyof agriculture and related processes.

    Who should attend ?

    All those who realize the importance of, and are making active contribution towards leveraging the field of agriculture through ICTs and those concerned with the overall development of the rural economyare welcome to attend:

    • Key government officials and Experts
    • CEOs/Management cadre from agri industry
    • Development foundations and NGOs working in the sector
    • Banking & financial institutions and commodity exchanges
    • Agri marketing, retail sector and State Marketing boards
    •Agri extension projects/models and Extension departments of various states
    • Central and state agriculture research and education institutions
    • Researchers, scholars and agri- entrepreneurs

    Why attend ?

    With structural changes happening in agriculture, the focus is shifting from production to technological interventions, management of inputs, information, human resource, and marketing. It is a unique initiative designed to engage participants to make use of ICTs in their work areas, and to enrich knowledge by sharing and learning from each other’s

    Key sessions :

    • Policy paradigm : Do we have an enabling environment?
    • Role of ICTs- land records, mapping & conflict resolution
    • Agriculture marketing and ICT
    • Food security through ICT
    • Precision farming- optimum use of available resources
    • Development of ICT sector for agriculture and role of Public Private Partnership (PPP)
    • Agri-finance management with ICT
    • Emerging opportunities for entrepreneurs using public access ICTs
    • Adopting ICTs for Agriculture Research, training and education
    • Making ICTs usable & useful in the context of Indian Agriculture
    • Higher Education in Agriculture – are they ICT ready?


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