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  • Mobile technologies represent a rapidly growing sector in developing countries, and several new research and development activities are being undertaken. Mobiles are an important ICT tool for development, given their ability to easily leapfrog the infrastructure barriers in remote and rural areas. The rapid advancement in the technologies, and ease of use, and the falling costs of devices, makes the mobile and appropriate and adaptable tool to bridge the digital divide. The scope of applications for development is wide, and as it can reach the unlettered people also, the impact on development needs to be examined closely. There is a need to engage the key operators and service providers to build a development perspective and unravel the possibilities of bridging the urban-rural divide. There are several market players and the private sector too has a key responsibility.

    Objective :

    mServe provides an opportunity for the academics, the researchers, the private sector representativesand civil society organisations to interface, to understand these real and hardcore issues that must be resolved. Most of the international conferences held in the field are technology related and there is a urgent needs to sensitise the technology developers and
    market players on development aspects of equitable access and services that they can contribute to. There is little or no interface between the civil society and technology developers which is also something mServe will try to explore.

    Who should attend ?

    Government, Industry, Civil Society

    Why attend ?

    To find answers to
    • What are the case studies of usage of mobiles for development in rural areas?
    • What are some oft he low cost solutions for mobility?
    • How can we establish the linkages between new technologies and developmentobjectives?
    • What are the CSR (corporate social responsibility) initiatives for mobile operatorsand service providers?
    • What are the barriers to entering a remote or rural area?
    • What are the policies and the regulatory set up that inhibit development? How can theybe modified?
    • Is wimax tested enough to be such an optimistic next revolution?
    • Is municipal wi-fi going back the monopoly way?
    • What are the indicators to measure penetration of mobiles in a country/ region? Is teledensitya balanced indicator?
    • What are the spectrum related issues which would affect wireless and 3G? Are spectrum prices going to be higher for developing countriesin view of higher capex?
    • What are the business models that can be experimented with, to provide wireless technologies in the rural/peri urban setup?
    • What is the road map for last mile connectivity?
    • Web 2.0 and mobile convergence What is the future of the new convergence technologies?
    • Is the PC Dead? Are the Mobiles taking over? What are the cost and technology implications w.r.t the eGovernance Roll Out Plan (NeGP implementation plan review)
    • Are there solar powered or green mobiles? Other battery/energy issuesfor the growth of mobiles?
    • Where are the development content providers?

    Key Sessions :

    • Wirelessand mobile policiesand regulation
    • Beyond Calls and Texts: m-Content
    • Mobile Ecosystem: (equal to 2 sessions)
    • Shared infrastructure – challanges and opportunities
    • Round table discussion on Wimax in India
    • Spectrum: a scarcity or an opportunity
    • MunicipalWifi: scope in India
    • Convergence – a threat to mobile operators or the future?
    • VoIP, IPTV
    • Mobiles for sustainable development
    • m-gov, m-Banking, m-Location, m-Learning


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