Conference Structure

  • The Conference on July 29, 2008 through July 31, 2008 is composed of various Session types. Plenary Sessions

    The plenary sessions feature internationally acknowledged ICT experts, in different domains, starting from Governance through Education, Health, Telecentre, Municipal, Mobile services, and Agriculture.

    Presentation Sessions

    These sessions are organised around the main conference themes arranged under different domain tracks. These sessions are made up of various presentations, usually of 1hr and 30 minutes in length, where leading practitioners present their experiences and findings. Some of these (power point presentation) sessions feature case studies from different organisations and enterprises.

    Debates and Discussions

    Key to the whole event is that it’s not only a conference; rather, it’s participant-driven face-to-face conference around the themes and purposes, in effect user generated/created at the event. The other important approach to the event is there is no spectators and no ladder. So sessions are about discussion/debate and as a result learning, not about attending a “losing your will to live due to powerpoint” set of presentations. These take place at different times throughout the conference agenda and offer participants the opportunity to take part in debates and discussions on various key issues.

    Special Focus Sessions

    Certain topics lend themselves well to Special Focus Sessions, which include a mix of presentations and panel discussions. They feature a single topic, allowing participants the opportunity to take part in a highly specialised discussion on a specific topic.

    Demonstration Sessions

    Participants in the Demo Sessions will be able to see market-ready and almost market-ready tools and applications in action. These can include tools that have been developed for a specific application where the developers are looking for partners and others interested in further utilisation, innovative examples of market ready tools and applications in real environments, etc.

    Best Practice Showcase

    These showcase sessions are intended as an opportunity to highlight excellent examples of development with ICTs. Successful proposals are chosen on the basis of whether or not they can be considered excellent in terms of any of the following: the level of innovation shown, the scale and reach of the course, and the success of the course in reaching its aims and objectives and/or the context in which it is delivered.

    Workshops and Lectures

    The workshops offer awareness and capacity development for development communities- regional and transnational, maximising the impact of ICTs in the lives of communities of practitioners.

    Network Sessions

    With the idea of meeting people over the Breakfast, even before the start of the actual sessions and in order to facilitate additional networking opportunities at eINDIA2008 this year, we are making time and space available during the conference for participants to make additional Networking of their own. This is in addition to establishing network with other professionals in the field in seven domains of ICTs for development at the Exhibition space, during a number of Coffee and Lunch Breaks, over the gala dinner, and while the sessions are in progress.


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