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    Outsource2APAC, an International publication to be brought out every month to promote the futuristic and ongoing business of OUTSOURCING to Asia-Pacific from US, Europe and Asia Pacific within.

    Outsource2APAC contains up-to-date information on current outsourcing trends in USA, Europe and Asia-Pacific both for the buyers and service providers of outsourcing. It includes in-depth articles, features, interviews and write-ups on IT outsourcing, Mfg outsourcing, Technology outsourcing, Software Development, BPO, ITES, Call / Contact centers, Off shoring / Near shoring, Business continuity planning, Disaster recovery and extensive coverage of International outsourcing conferences / seminars held worldwide – all sourced from International outsourcing analysts, domain experts, professional consultants and news agencies around the world.

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    Digital Learning is a monthly publication aimed at providing a knowledge sharing space for ICT and Education practitioners. This magazine will also serve as a forum for national and international discussions and decisions to be debated among the education sector practitioners.

    egov (a monthly magazine on e-Goverment) covers industry/administrator-level requirements in planning and implementing e-Governance/e-Government initiatives, and provides a holistic view of the developments and issues in the sector. The magazine covers academic and anecdotal discussion on the subject along with reporting on the industry solutions and policy analysis.and acts as a platform for user groups, researchers, implementers, NGOs and administrators (from the government and the private sector) for sharing of better learning practices. The sweep of coverage facilitates dialogue and discussion on wide-ranging issues pertaining to the use of information technologies for governance and by governments. With the readership in India, Asia, Middle East and Europe, the magazine has a vast reader base of policy makers, senior bureaucrats, political representatives and key officers in International funding agencies.

    eHealth-Asia’s first magazine on ICT applications in healthcare, launched in December 2006. Like the digital divide, a big chasm exists between the quality of the medicare available to the affluent sections and weaker sections. Modern ICT applications in healthcare like EHR, telemedicine, teleconsultation, e-prescriptions are revolutionizing this sector and bridging that divide.

    GIS Development is a leading magazine on Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and allied technologies such as Global Positioning System (GIS), Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry, etc. The magazine serves to foster the growing network of geo-communities around the world by keeping them up-to-date on the activities in this wide and varied field.

    i4d is a monthly magazine on ICT for development documenting its myriad issues, practices and projects. It not only aims to bring out the key issues, challenges, case studies and perspectives on ICT4D but also to establish a channel of communication both within the ICT community as well as provide an interface to the world outside. It is one and the only magazine perhaps in Asia exclusively focusing on the impacts of technology and communication on development. With 4000 copies dispatched globally, it reaches to policy makers, practitioners,academicians in 68 countries.

    Radio Duniya is India’s first radio monthly, which presents discussions on the policies affecting the radio scenario, shares information on the commercial aspects of radio and captures the potential of radio for bringing about social equity and development. It also chronicles the developments relating to the community radio movement.

    We present a comprehensive analysis of radio as a mass communication medium to all the major stakeholders including radio broadcasters, equipment/software suppliers, advertising agencies, training institutes, policy makers and audiences, in order to create and strengthen a mutually beneficial relationship.

    Radio Duniya as a print magazine presents all the relevant information from the radio industry and facilitates a dialogue between the stakeholders. Our portal presents all the news and happenings of the radio industry to people on a daily basis. The monthly e-newsletter provides details of developments of the month and has snapshots of important articles and interviews covered in the magazine.

    Built on CSDMS and’s deep commitment to collaboration, the ‘telecentre magazine’ acts as an interface between telecentre leaders, technology solution providers, knowledge repositories, and decision makers. The magazine raises awareness about telecentres, serving a platform for research, analysis, advocacy and the development of a stronger telecentre ecosystem. It will also act as a repository of knowledge with various success stories, failures and lessons learned from the field. Ultimately, this will help in sustainability and upscaling of telecentres around the globe.


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