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  • Project Category : Private Sector Initiative  :: Use of Technology in Testing & Assessment

    Details of the Applicant:

    Name: Dr. Paulsharma Chakravarthy
    Designation: Practice Lead – Skill Development
    Organization: Sify Technologies Ltd
    Address: 6TH Floor, My Home Sarovar Plaza, Secretariat Road, Hyderabad – 5000 068
    City: Hyderabad
    Andhra Pradesh
    Zip Code: 500068
    Organization Website: http://www.sifysoftware.com/

    Details of the Agency implementing the Project/Initiative:

    Name of the Organization: Sify Technologies Ltd
    6TH Floor, My Home Sarovar Plaza, Secretariat Road, Hyderabad – 5000 068
    Andhra Pradesh
    Zip Code: 
    Head of Organization: Venkata Rao Mallineni
    Project Website: http://www.sifysoftware.com/

    Details of Programme /Project/Initiative:

    Brief Description:

    UIDAI has embarked on a program to provide Unique Identification for all the citizens of the country. For this purpose they are engaging Enrolment agencies to do the enrolment all over the country. Everyone engaged in this process have to be trained and certified personnel. Sify has been awarded the contract for certification of these personnel.

    Why was the project started:

    UIDAI wanted all its operators to be well versed with the enrolment process and the application and devices to be used for the enrolments. They wanted that the Operators should be able to record accurate and relevant information of all Indian residents, across all states. In addition, there should be minimal scope of erroneous data being captured. For this, UIDAI wanted to ensure that all candidates go through a strict certification process and only personnel who clear and earn the certificate are absorbed as Operators.


    The project is directed towards ensuring that all aspirants for the profile of Operator undergo the certification process. Only those candidates who clear the assessments posed to them during the process can take part in the enrolment process.

    Target Group: UIDAI Operators/Enrolment Agencies

    Geographical Reach within India: Approximately 550 districts in India has been covered by for conducting this certification. This program is initiated in all the districts of the country. Enrolment stations are being set up at taluk/sub taluk level for doing the Aadhar enrolment. To ensure that trained and certified personnel are available, Sify has set up certification centres at each district level.

    Geographical Reach outside India: Not Applicable

    Date From which the Project became Operational: 1-9-2010

    Is the Project still operational?: Yes

    List 5 Innovations of programme/project/initiative:
    1. Centres had to be set up at various parts of the country including the remote Tier II and Tier III regions.
    2. The entire system was set up in such a way that all information is available on the Web itself.
    3. The system had to support multilingual capability and already the tests can be taken in 7 of the Indian languages.
    4. Capacities had to be beefed at short notice to take care of the load the Enrolment Operators had for completing the task in various states.
    5. Setting up multilingual back end support for smooth conduct of the exams countrywide.

    List 5 achievements of the programme/project/initiative:
    1. The implementation helped UIDAI to ensure that only the eligible candidates got selected for the role of Operator.
    2. Ensure that the residents’ information recorded by the respective operators is accurate to a very high percentage.
    3. Sify could ensure that availability of centres all over the country enabled the Enrolment agencies get the personnel certified without them travelling long distance.

    List 5 Key challenges faced while implementing the project/programme/initiative and how they were overcome:
    1. The biggest challenge was to set up test centres all over the country, with the required Bandwidth since the tests are conducted in an online environment. Sify used its reach of multiproduct company and set up centres at various locations.
    2. There is no common language spoken across India and the implementation need to support multilingual capabilities. Currently, the tests can be taken in 7 of the Indian languages.
    3. The project was expected to rolled out in a short turnaround time (PAN India basis).

    List 5 points on how the Project/Programme/Initiative can serve as a model that can be replicated or adapted by others?
    1. This model of testing and assessment can be replicated for other government nodal agencies for various specific job roles.
    2. The project is an end-to-end web-based model for employability oriented skills certification.
    3. This method can be easily adopted for countrywide recruitment for screening.
    4. This project can be replicated to test and train persons involved in all activities related to recording of data, such as capturing demographic details, census, surveys etc.

    List 5 points to elaborate on the scalability of the programme/project/initiative?
    1. Based on the requirement on the field, Sify has been able to increase the number of centres all over the country
    2. The system architecture has the option to scale in terms of handling more voluminoius data.
    3. The assessment engine being a robust model has the option to handle voluminous concurrent users for assessment and certification.

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