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    Award Objectives Who can Participate/Nominate Selection Criteria

    eINDIA Governance Summit 2012- Categories

    egov India presents the country’s most prestigious awards in the governance sector to felicitate and recognize the achievers, innovators and suppliers who have significantly contributed towards the growth and development of eGovernance.

    Nominations are invited from individual participants, ministries, government departments, organisations, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), private institutions and enterprises from India who have transformed governance opportunities  through innovative use of ICTs.

    • Governance Project in Andhra Pradesh
    • CSC Initiative
    • Government to Business
    • Government to Citizen
    • Government to Government
    • ICT-enabled Urban Governance
    • Mobile Technology
    • Value Added Services


    Each applicant will be required to fill in a Self-Nomination form. Each of the nomination will be adjudged under a binary process- Public Choice Award and Jury Choice Award

    Public Choice Award: Nominated projects will be screened and put online for the public to vote. Projects receiving the maximum number of votes under each category will receive the Public Choice Award.

    Jury Choice Award: Nominations will be screened by an eminent panel of jury members, who will then choose the best project from each category. The selected project will receive the Jury Choice Award.

    eINDIA Education Summit 2012-Categories

    Higher Education Awards

    1. ICT Enabled Higher Education Institute
    2. Use of  Technology for Teaching – Learning Practices


    K-12 Awards

    1. Education Initiative in Schools


    Open & distance learning

    1. Open & distance learning Initiative


    Private Sector

    1. Industry Academia Interface
    2. Interactive Solution Providers
    3. Use of Technology in Teaching – Learning Practices
    4. Use of Technology in Testing & Assessments


    Vocational and Skills Training

    1. PPP Project in Vocational Education & Skills Training
    2. Use of Technology for Vocational Education & Skills Training


    eINDIA Health Summit 2012-Categories

    • Best use of Technology in Health Insurance
    • ICT initiative in Healthcare by the Private sector
    • Innovation by a Healthcare Provider
    • Innovative Use of Technology by a Diagnostic Service Provider
    • Innovative Initiative in Healthcare through PPP
    • Best use of Technology in Telehealth



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