e-Parwana (An Integrated Input management Application) – Commissionerate of Agriculture, Department of Agriculture, Government of Maharashtra

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    Details of the Applicant:

    Name: Uday A Deshmukh
    Designation: Dy.Director Agriculture (Project)
    Organization: Commissionerate of agriculture, department of  agriculture, Government of Maharashtra
    Address: Krishi Bhavan,Shivaji Nagar
    City: Pune
    Zip Code: 411005
    Organization Website: www.mahaagri.gov.in

    Details of the Agency implementing the Project/Initiative:

    Name of the Organization: Commissionerate of agriculture, department of  agriculture, Government of Maharashtra
     Krishi Bhavan,Shivaji Nagar
    Zip Code: 
    Head of Organization: Mr Umakant Dangat
    Project Website: www.mahaagri.gov.in

    Details of Programme /Project/Initiative:

    Brief Description:

    eParwana is developed for Agricultural Department,Government of Maharashtra. This system is atomized to provide licenses for Manufacturer, importer, distributer and retailer of Seed , Fertilizer, and Insecticide, as per various Acts and Orders of Central Government and State Government. Every person/organization willing to obtain a license for Manufacturing, selling, importing, Storing and any other business for seeds, fertilizers, insecticides shall make an application to the licensing authority. The licensing authority will check the application for fulfillment of requirement specified in the respective acts/orders/laws, and Government resolutions. After fulfillment of requirement licensing authority may grant a license to that person. Stake Holders:
    • Farmers
    • Agriculture Department
    • Seed Industry
    • Fertiliser Industry
    • Pesticide Industry Features :
    • G2B Service
    • Works on all major browsers
    • Online application and processing of New, Renewal, Amendment and Duplicate License for Seed, Fertilizer, Insecticide and Nursery
    • Real time application status to the applicant.
    • Role and level base access
    • Dynamic query and r

    Why was the project started:

    Previously the agri input licenses were issued manually. It was very difficult to manage the data an


    1. Project was started to develop transparent and simple procedure to get various agri input licenses.
    2. To facilitate the segregation of the data as desired for getting information.
    3. To build a data base of the licensed companies.
    4. To facilitate the companies to know the status of their application.

    Target Group: All the stakeholders including licensing authority

    Geographical Reach within India: e Parwana is web portal based application. Any one can view the product information, applicant could process and track his application status from anywhere.

    Geographical Reach outside India: e Parwana is web portal based application

    Date From which the Project became Operational: 5-7-2012

    Is the Project still operational?: Yes

    List 5 Innovations of programme/project/initiative:

    1.  Jointly developed by NIC and Agril. Dept. Maharashtra state
    2.  Farmers will know the products of the companies and its details.
    3.  It is transparent and simple procedure to get various agri input licenses.
    4.  It helps to build a data base of the licensed companies and facilitates the segregation of the data as desired for getting information.
    5.  It facilitates the applicants to know the status of their application.

    List 5 achievements of the programme/project/initiative:
    1.  A database of the licensed companies and their products is created.
    2.  Agri input licenses are issued in more transparent manner.
    3. Applicants can comply the queries immediately.
    4.  Licensee information is used and handled more precisely.
    5. It reduced the time required for issuing the license.

    List 5 Key challenges faced while implementing the project/programme/initiative and how they were overcome:
    1.  Building of database initially which was necessary for renewal of licenses. Special provision is made in the software to facilitate old license entry by the applicant himself.
    2.  Training of the 35 licensing authorities of seed, fertilizers & pesticides was a huge task, it is completed in a phased manner and all are using software.
    3.  Motivation of users.Change Management of stakeholders initiated at all levels.
    4.  Business Process Reengineering
    5. Integration with m-Governance.System integrated with mahaagri SMS service for dissemination of status to users

    List 5 points on how the Project/Programme/Initiative can serve as a model that can be replicated or adapted by others?
    1. Acts under which the licenses are issued, are sanction by the central government and are applicable to whole of India. So just by simple customization the licensing authorities would facilitate the use of this software throughout India.
    2. It is developed on open source platform which is easily available and used in India.
    3.  It is to be integrated with the State Input Testing Laboratories and Quality Control Inspectors which will result in complete quality control solution.
    4.  Licensee could submit their reports on line as the provision for the same is made and they have account online.
    5. It facilitates the administrators to use the database more efficiently.

    List 5 points to elaborate on the scalability of the programme/project/initiative?
    1. Online applications
    2. Number of input licenses issued online
    3. Hassle free scrutiny of applications
    4. Query compliance and document submission
    5. Effective monitoring of renewal of licenses

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