• Day 1

    Inaugural Session

    Education Summit

    Higher Education: Accreditation of Higher Education Institutions : Challenges
    and Opportunities (Special Session from NAAC)

    Higher Education: Investment in Education: Opportunities and Challenges
    Higher Education: Vision 2020: Reforming the Education Landscape in India and Strategies for the Future
    School Education: Essentials for Building Visionary Schools in a Globalised World
    School  Education :  Learning  Practices  in  the  21st  Century :  Technology
    Challenges and Digital Insights

    School Education: Alternative Assessment Strategies and Innovative Approaches in Evaluation

    Governance Summit

    Smart Cities: Innovative Urbance Governance Models and Trends
    e-Governance in India: The Road Ahead
    ICT Deployment in Public Safety and Security

    Health Summit

    Emerging Paradigms in Healthcare – Opportunities in the Public and Private Sectors
    eHealth & mHealth: Expanding the Healthcare Horizon
    Diagnostics, Point-of-Care Technologies & Chronic Disease Management – The Untapped Market

    Awards Ceremony

    Day 2

    Education Summit

    Higher Education: Tranformatory Practices in Technical Education: Engineering for the Knowledge Economy
    Higher Education: Unleashing the Strength of Institutions through Technology: Emerging Scenario and The Way Forward
    Higher Education: Creating Innovative Models in Education and Assessments: Best Practices and Next Practices
    Higher Education: Best Practices in Higher Education
    School Education: STEM Education and Tech Assisted Tools for Student Comprehension
    School Education: Progressive Learning Environment through Connected Classrooms: Enriching the Experience of Education
    School Education: Blended Learning Curriculum & Supportive Teaching Tools to Promote Student Engagement
    School Education: Training of Educators: Coping with Rapidly Changing Education Technologies

    Governance Summit

    ICT in Energy & Transportation
    Aadhar based service delivery
    From eSeva to Mee Seva (IT Secretary’ Meet)
    ICT usage by Public Sector Units: Emerging Opportunities
    ICTs in Financial Inclusion

    Health Summit

    Emerging Trends in Health Insurance
    Quality, Standards and Patient Safety – How is India Rising up to the Challenge?
    Rural Health – Serving Bottom-of-the-Pyramid Population through Effective use
    of Technology Innovations

    Information Technology for Healthcare Deliverers
    Adopting Technology to Redefine Medical Education