Group Captain (Dr) Sanjeev Sood, Hospital and Health Systems Administrator, Air Force Hospital, Chandigarh

  • Written by eINDIA
  • November 11, 2012 at 1:06 pm
  • Dr Sanjeev Sood is highly experienced and accomplished professional successfully blending medical expertise with organisational leadership in hospital operations, quality assurance, design and planning, medico legal issues and all the emerging technologies, trends and practices in the healthcare ecosystem. He has completed one AR & DB Project and done several other research projects with various agencies included IEA. He has participated in the international multi-centric study – ‘INICC Report 2009-10’, published in Am Jour of Infection Control, Feb 2010, KAP study on Epilepsy, and has done several other projects and trials. He has successfully managed several AF Hospitals, Station Medicare Centres providing quality and comprehensive medical cover to a large dependant population.

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