Green Campus of O.P. Jindal School Raigarh(CG) – O P Jindal School Raigarh CG

  • Project Category: Education
    Sub Category: Green Campus Initiative by School
    Reference No: eindia2013/awards/195


    Details of Programme /Project/Initiative:

    Brief Description: The O.P. Jindal School, Raigarh(CG) has taken immense initiative to work for environmental sensitization among people. The school has launched several projects/ campaigns to make the campus green and to retain it. Regular monitoring and evaluation is done of the launched projects to see its impact and outcomes. Such an intensive work has made Green campus of the school a hot spot of Raigarh.

    To develop awareness about environment.

    Target Group: Community

    Geographical Reach within India: Raigarh city.

    Geographical Reach outside India: Russia, Philippines , Sri Lanka, Canada through British Council Project.

    Date From which the Project became Operational: 26-2-1996

    Is the Project still operational?: yes

    Five points that make the Product/Programme/Project/Initiative/School innovative

    1. 50% of the school is under intensive plantation and every patch of the school is green.
    2. The treated water from STP is used for watering our plants.
    3. Our school has made sure through different programs that there is decline in Carbon Foot Print.
    4. The infrastructure of the school supports Rain Water Harvesting.
    5. Effective management of the resources adds to our Green Campus

    Five key achievements of the Product/Programme/Project/Initiative/School

    1. Our Green Campus (31 hectares) has been declared as lush green plastic free zone.
    2. Our community development programs in adjoining areas have brought remarkable results.
    3. Our students have represented India in “Green Youth Exchange program” at Denmark.
    4. Continuous cleaning drive is making Teepakhol regain its original beauty.
    5. Mass Communication is preferred by our target group.

    Five key challenges faced while implementing the Product/Programme/Project/Initiative/School and how they were overcome

    1. Target group were unable to understand their individual effort, school made them realise.
    2. Making school a plastic free zone was a tough job. Awareness has been created among the learners.
    3. Target group was trained to use water judiciously.
    4. Regular awareness was created for environmental and personal hygine.
    5. We made the target group realise the adverse affect of plastic.

    Five points that make the Product/Programme/Project/Initiative/School replicable

    1. Encouragement of the target group to take care of planted trees.
    2. Mass communication has been advised keeping in view the big strength of our school.
    3. We will further focus on water conservation.
    4. Encourage the target group for proper disposal of bio-degradable waste.
    5. Further strengthen the basic habits of environmental and personal hygine.

    Five points to elaborate on the scalability of the Product/Programme/Project/Initiative/School

    1. Flexible target group makes our program successful.
    2. Every project is well planned and carried out effectively.
    3. Our dedicated volunteers converts thoughts into action.
    4. Target group is being continuously made to realise their hard effort.
    5. Our school management gives ample supports to carry out every action plan.

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