E-District for electronic delivery of Citizen centric services in Ranchi – Jharkhand agency for promotion of information Technology (JAP-IT)

  • Project Category: Goverment
    Sub Category: Usage of ICT In Rural Development
    Reference No.: PSE2013/awards/54

    Details of Programme /Project/Initiative:

    Brief Description:
    e-District is one of the MMPs identified under NeGP, which is aimed at strengthening the District administration to provide Government services, in a cohesive manner leveraging ICT, to the citizens. The e-district project is an ambitious project undertaken by the Government of Jharkhand under the JAP-IT. The project aims to make available the G2C (Government to Citizen) easily accessible to citizen through Common Service Centers (CSCs)/Pragya kendras centres which are opened at urban and village level. The service request and service delivery to the citizen will happen at the nearest CSC centre/ Pragya kendras centres or Government Office or through web. Changes are being proposed to be implemented under e-District project for all the stakeholders involved in the process of service delivery starting from the citizen availing to the services to all the Government officials involved in delivering it. The following elements of changes have been identified: (1) Technological Change (2) Functional Change (3) Organizational Change (4) Physical Change (5) Process Change The technological changes include all the ICT interventions that have been introduced in the service delivery process ranging from automated workflow to digital signature, databases and auto escalation. The functional changes include introduction of private kiosks operators for sharing public service delivery responsibilities like collection of application and service fees, delivery of service and service tracking. The change in roles and responsibilities of the District Administration and other Government staff constitute the identified organizational changes. The physical change being implemented within e-District is decentralization of service delivery from the District Administration and other Government Office to the CSCs /Pragya kendras centers. Lastly, the revision of processes for each of the Services, improvement of service levels and introduction of auto escalation are some of the process changes.

    The objectives of the e District Mission Mode Project are to ensure the following: a) Undertake backend computerization of District and Tehsil level offices to ensure electronic delivery of high volume citizen centric services at the district level. b) Efficient delivery of services with improved Service Levels by undertaking extensive Business Process Re Engineering of identified services. c) Extensive Capacity Building and training of field level functionaries to ensure smooth migration to the electronic delivery of e district services and phasing out manual delivery of services. d) Delivery of services through Common Service Centres (CSCs) by leveraging the common infrastructure of SWAN, SDC, and SSDG. e) Development of applications to be hosted at the State Data Centres for delivery of services. f) Delivery of all public services at District/ Sub District level in electronic form through State Portals by using the State Service Delivery Gateways. g) Providing easy, anywhere and anytime access to Government Services (both Information & Transactional) to ensure reliability, efficiency, transparency and accountability. h) Reducing the number of visits of citizens to a Government office / department for availing the services and thereby eliminating harassment. i) Reducing the administrative burden and service fulfilment time & costs for the Government, Citizens & Businesses j) Reducing direct interaction of citizen with the Government and encourage ‘e’- interaction and efficient communication through portal k) Enhancing the perception & image of the Government and its constituent Departments.

    Target Group:
    Citizens from Ranchi district

    Geographical Reach within India: All panchayats within Ranchi district (Note: Ranchi as an administrative unit is organised in 303 panchayats and 18 bloocks)

    Geographical Reach outside India: NA

    Date From which the Project became Operational: 13-9-2011

    Is the Project still operational?: Yes

    List 5 key achievements of the programme/project:

    1. Edistrcit is credited of covering all the 303 panchayts for service delivery
    2. Real time status update is provided to applicant though mobile services delivery gateway
    3. Easy and local access is facilitated through a wide network of government approved common service centres known as Pragya kendras
    4. a number of ancilliary benefits and development has happened due to the project like better provisioning of electricity, network and othe support infrastructures
    5. has ensured time bound delivery of services and thus bringing transparency and accountability

    List 5 key challenges faced while implementing the programme/project/initiative and how they were overcome:

    1. acceptability of transformational shift from manual to electronic functioning; acceptance brought through various sensitization programs, training, incentives and orders issued
    2. Digital signature usage: regional centre opened for better support and functioning
    3. network connectivity because of geographical dynamics; brought about by better connectivity by WIMAX, VSAT connectivity and other technological interventions
    4. Workflow updation; Periodical review and support done for updating the role and responsibilty configuration of various stakeholders
    5. Power problem; issue resolved through various interventions like provisioning of generators, transformers and adequate arrangements

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