e-GRAS : Online Government Receipt Accounting System – Directorate of Treasuries and Accounts and National Informatics Centre, Rajasthan

  • Project Category: Governance
    Sub Category: Government to Citizens (G2C)
    Reference No.: eindia2013/awards/203

    Details of Programme /Project/Initiative:

    Brief Description:
    Online Government Receipts Accounting System (e-GRAS) is an e-Governance Initiative of Government of Rajasthan. e-GRAS is a web based solution for making payments electronically for all the Government Department. e-GRAS facilitates collection of tax/non tax revenue in both the mode online as well as manual. It facilitates tax Payer or Non-tax Payer to make payments to Government electronically.

    Objective: To Facilitate Citizens (Tax payers/non Tax Payers) to make payments electronically to Government in a hassle free and efficient way without moving to bank.

    Target Group: Tax payers, Non tax payers, Treasuries, Departments

    Geographical Reach within India: Everywhere in India

    Geographical Reach outside India:Everywhere by using web site.

    Date From which the Project became Operational: 1-12-2012

    Is the Project still operational?: Yes

    Five points that make the Product/Programme/Project/Initiative/School innovative:

    1. It covers all the Department of Government of Rajasthan.
    2. Single Format of Challan for all Departments.
    3. Integration with Other Departments web Application.
    4. Electronic Payments for all departments.
    5. Establishment of e-Treasury.

    Five key achievements of the Product/Programme/Project/Initiative/School:

    1. Taken up Business process re-engineering by streamlining manual practices.
    2. Single Treasury for all Electronic Challans.
    3. Electronic data exchange with banks would save the paper and would make environment green friendly.
    4. System is capable to interface with external users like Revenue Departments.
    5. Electronic Data Exchange in case of Manual Payments also.

    Five key challenges faced while implementing the Product/Programme/Project/Initiative/School and how they were overcome:

     To impart the training of the software itself is a major challenge.
    2. Changes in the existing Performas to make a single format was a big challenge.
    3. Development & Implementation of Uniform software for the large numbers of department was a major c.
    4. Integration with different banks was a huge challenge.
    5. Integration with Other Departmental Web Application was a big challenge.

    Five points that make the Product/Programme/Project/Initiative/School replicable:

    1.Covers major six public sector banks.
    2. Rule based Application and No Hard Code.
    3. Web Based Application.
    4. Secure Site on SSL Layer.
    5. Linked with State Budget Schemes.

    Five points to elaborate on the scalability of the Product/Programme/Project/Initiative/School:

    1.XML formats for electronic data exchange.
    2. Covers all revenue Departments.
    3. Eletronic Payments Interface.
    4. New banks may be added with minimal changes.
    5. Rule Based Application.

    Documents publishing URL: http://egras.raj.nic.in


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