MIS / GIS Integrated System Mapping with PDA / Smart Phone Gujarat Forest Department has to make their office work in to paperless work, so they had developed the MIS. They also needed to have integration with GIS & Mobile. Therefore GIPL has developed the PDA application which is interlinked with our GIS integrated forest MIS

  • Project Category: Goverment
    Sub Category: Green IT Initiative
    Reference No.: PSE2013/awards/40


    Details of Programme /Project/Initiative:

    Brief Description:
    GIPL has first develope the GIS Integrated Forest MIS.  Gujarat Forest Department is entrusted with the prime responsibility of protection, conservation and development of the forests and wildlife of the Gujarat state. GIPL is developing GIS Integrated Management Information System (MIS) for tracking bellow listed forest activities:  Establishment,  Vigilance,  Working plan,  Land Management,  Forest Conservation Act,  Plantation,  Nursery,  Monitoring & Evaluation,  Eco-Tourism,  Forest Offence,  Forest Produce,  Wild Life Management,  Sawmill,  LAQs,  Training & Research after that GIPL has developed the PDA Application Which is integrated with FMIS.  PDA Based Forest Surveillance & Tracking System (Windows Mobile Application): GIPL is developing the embedded firmware for the PDA / Smart Phone with GIS functionality. Features of the systems are:  Track real time tracking of forest beat guard,  Location of the PDA,  Alert for Fire,  Tree Cutting,  Encroachment,  Man – Animal conflict in forest,  Rescue & Release activity for wild animals,  Verification of Forest Boundary Pillar,  Tracing of Plantation & Nursery details,  downloading of daily/weekly / Monthly schedule ,  Audit log for the movement of forest personnel. GIPL has developed the Command Control Room Application. This Application will help them to monitor all their Activities & Guide Rescue Team in emergency situation. This is a web portal Which has following features:  SMS alerts  Group Calling  Mails to Forest Higher officials for their immediate action  There is also continues alarm for Event Generation through PDA in the Control Room So, immediate action can be taken up by Control room.

    Objective: Main objective of the application is to minimize the Forest Paper Work , Seamless & easy working environment using latest ICT . To Protect the Forest Area. Statutory Type: Tree Cutting Encroachment Transit Offences Grazing Mining Boundary Alteration Hunting (WL) Intentional Fire Management Type : Sending of own location at pre-defined intervals (Default Event) Animal sighting (Which animal, no, behavior, etc) Rescue Release Conflict Animal Trauma (Injury, Death, Etc) Accidental Fire SOS Type Group Calling SMS Mail

    Target Group: Gujarat Forest Department

    Geographical Reach within India: Gujarat

    Geographical Reach outside India: N/A

    Date From which the Project became Operational: 1-7-2012

    Is the Project still operational?: N/A

    List 5 key achievements of the programme/project:

    1. GIS Integrated Application & Mobile Application both are integrated
    2. Telecom Technology (GPRS) used for data receving & sending. So better & prompt Decision making.
    3. Protect the Forest Area & save Man – Animal Conflict.
    4. Better comminication through PDA/Smartphone
    5. Easy to Operate & in both English & Gujarati Language

    List 5 key challenges faced while implementing the programme/project/initiative and how they were overcome:

    1. Compatibility with Network availability (due to forest area)
    2. Training of the Application (Most of forest officers are above 35 yrs. so they don’t know computer or Mobile)
    3. Integration with MIS and GIS :
    4. Complete Land Data Integration :
    5. Battery Drained Out : (Due to continious GPS Tracking)

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