Scope of Participation

  • Components of the Summit

    The summit will be marked by conferences, exhibitions, and an award ceremony. It will provide a wonderful opportunity to stakeholders in the field of IT, all over the world, to create opportunities of progress at all levels – Global, national and regional.


    eINDIA Governance Summit will organize several panel discussion sessions, specialized workshops, presentations, and round table sessions over the 2 days active conferencing. 

    Exhibition: Showcasing Education and Technologies

    eINDIA Governance Summit will also provide the opportunity of showing the products and services to potential new markets across the world through an Exhibition over the 2 days. 


    As an important component of eINDIA Governance Summit, governments, companies, projects, programs and individuals will be recognized for their extraordinary contribution towards innovation and excellence in egovernance, in more than 15 different specialized categories.


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