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    Project Category: Governance
    Sub Category: Mobile Technology
    Reference No.: eindia2013/awards/390

    Details of the Applicant:

    Name: Pradeep P
    Designation: Chief Executive Officer
    Organisation: Zilla Parishad Nagpur
    Address: ZP Office, Nagpur
    City: Nagpur
    State: Maharashtra
    Country: India
    Zip Code: 440001
    Organisation Website

    Details of the Agency implementing the Project/Initiative:

    Head of Organisation: Nitin Ukunde
    Name of the Organisation: SoftSystems
    Address: Nagpur
    City: Nagpur
    State: Maharashtra
    Country: India
    Zip Code: 440001

    Details of Programme /Project/Initiative:

    Brief Description:
    VISHWAS (Visiting Information on Schools Handled With Attendance System) is a unique project developed by Zilla Parishad Nagpur to improve the performance of on-field employees of education department of Zilla Parishad and collect the real time information on School activity through them.

    To ensure the timely and effective monitoring and auditing of schools by on-field employees.To develop an online reporting system to provide regular and standardized reports and MIS to Senior Official

    Target Group: On-field employees of education department – Kendra Pramukhs (Cluster Heads).

    Geographical Reach within India: Currently Implemented across all tehsils in Nagpur District.

    Geographical Reach outside India: N/A

    Date From which the Project became Operational: 23-1-2013

    Is the Project still operational?: Yes

    Five points that make the Product/Programme/Project/Initiative/School innovative:

    1. First of its kind in any District level Zilla Parishad.
    2. Extensive use of technology and detailed reporting yet being mobile.
    3. Tracking and verification of location using GPS Coordinates and photographs.
    4. Ease of use for KPs and Cluster Heads. Automated reporting and allocation features make it unique.
    5. Ability to capture the entire survey information over handheld device with minimal efforts.

    Five key achievements of the Product/Programme/Project/Initiative/School:

    1. 158 show cause notices were issued by the education department on the basis of data and reports.
    2. 1600 school toilets have been maintained clean as a result of VISHWAS.
    3. 12 kendra pramukh were caught sending the incorrect information from the incorrect locations.
    4. 180 teachers were given first verbal warning for not providing daily notes.
    5. Meal attendance was verified by kendra pramukh in more than 1200 schools.

    Five key challenges faced while implementing the Product/Programme/Project/Initiative/School and how they were overcome:

    . Managing the application to run in the rural area without the network.
    2. To convince kendra pramukh that this application is not an attack on their privacy.
    3. To train users for the use of hi-tech mobile as well as vishwas application.
    4. To answer questions from 136 kendra pramukh on mobile while they were using application first time.
    5. To collect tour diary of Kendra Pramukh each month.

    Five points that make the Product/Programme/Project/Initiative/School replicable:

    1. VISHWAS is a platform and easily replicable across departments and ZPs.
    2. Modules are generic and can be used by any ZP across Maharashtra.
    3. Project is based on open platform technology and is easy to replicate across regions.
    4. Operates on english language and is easily replicable.
    5. Reporting is standardized to make it easily replicable to other offices.

    Five points to elaborate on the scalability of the Product/Programme/Project/Initiative/School:

    1. Android based application and can be installed on any no. of devices.
    2. The platform can be scaled to be used for investigation in other departments with small modification.
    3. Reporting can be clubbed/ scaled up to a larger group of users with minimal updations.
    4. Client application performance is homogeneous to server, thus larger no. of instances can be created.
    5. The application is easily scalable for larger schools.


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