SADM ( Software for Assessment for Disability, Maharashtra) – Directorate of IT GoM

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    : Healthcare
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    Government Initiatives in Healthcare
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    Details of Programme /Project/Initiative:

    Brief Description:
    SADM is a web-based software application that allows a scientific assessment of disabilities. It is an eGovernance initiative taken by the Government of Maharashtra in order to bring in transparency and objectiveness for calculation of the Disability percentage. In this approach, the doctors are instructed to enter only the parameters of the person into the system.

    Computerize, centralize and outsource the management of patient data to increase the efficient delivery of healthcare services and reduce patient waiting times.

    Target Group: Disabled persons

    Geographical Reach within India: All 35 districts of Maharashtra

    Date From which the Project became Operational3-12-2012

    Is the Project still operational?:yes

    Five points that make the Product/Programme/Project/Initiative innovative:

    1. The application has a comprehensive database (Name, Designation, Registration No) of the Doctors
    2. It captures the photograph, Aadhaar and scanned copies of proof of Address of all applicants
    3. The application is linked to Aadhaar (UID)
    4. Duplication check – Applicant once registered/issued certificate gets flagged
    5. Generation of comprehensive reports which are in public domain

    Five key achievements of the Product/Programme/Project/Initiative:

    1.Scientific assessment of degree of the disability as per Gazette 2001, GoI .
    2. More than 21000 applicants registered, with around 16000 certificates already issued .
    3. Process Standardization:Generation of a computer based Disability Certificate with unique ID.
    4. Bogus cases are weeded out due to duplication check. 5. Centralized database of all Disabled is maintained.

    Five key challenges faced while implementing the Product/Programme/Project/Initiative and how they were overcome:

    1. Duplicate records were removed by integrating Aadhaar and having name search facility.
    2. There was no centralized DB of Disabled/ Medical Board Doctors. Now available as digized data there .
    3. Subjectivity and doctors discretion in giving disability %. Now scientific calculation as per GoI .
    4. Resistance from Medical fraternity. Overcome by training and building confidence.
    5. Complexity of logic overcome by involving experts from various hospitals.

    Five points that make the Product/Programme/Project/Initiative replicable:

    1. Issuance if Disability certificates in done in every state.
    2. Modules created which can be easily customised
    3. Source code given to GoI repository
    4. All the disability modules according to GoI guidelines 5. cost effective and easily roll out

    Five points to elaborate on the scalability of the Product/Programme/Project/Initiative:

    1. Availability of patient data across all State Run Government Teaching Hospitals.
    2. Up gradation of HMIS System for the ease of the user.
    3. Hospital Mobility Solution like Computer on Wheels (CoW) for In-patient data capturing.
    4. Smart Cards and kiosks to decentralize patient registration and enable self-service .
    5. Biometric data integration with HMIS.


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