• eINDIA 2013

    eIndia 2013 Conference would be a unique platform for sharing of knowledge, challenges, ideas and best practices amongst the various stakeholders driving ICT initiatives in the domain of Governance, Healthcare and Education. Bureaucrats, technocrats, academicians, industry personnel and civil society members along with ICT experts, practitioners, business leaders and stake holders would all benefit through thought provoking sessions, workshops, one on one interactions etc. The conference would have three major tracks focusing on e-Gov, digitallearning & eHealth under which there would be multiple thematic sessions. e-Agriculture, Telecentre Forum and Municipal IT would also be covered as separate tracks/thematic sessions

    Why attend ?
    Meet & Network with key decision makers & experts, bureaucrats & policy makers leaders & stakeholders, service providers & IT vendors, telecom vendors & consulting firms, ICT entreprenuers & NGOs on innovative e-Gov implementations government agencies & developmental organisations in the domain of ICT for Governance, Healthcare & Education

    Engage with colleagues and experts handling similar ICT projects, dealing with transformation and GPR challenges, working on automation of back office processes and integration.

    Benefit from extensive & in-depth conference sessions on more than 50 thematic areas in the field of e-Governance, e-Learning, eHealth, eAgriculture and Telecentre.

    Witness innovative solutions from within the Indian ICT industry and beyond in the eINDIA exhibition which will showcase cutting edge developments in ICT.

    Who Should Visit?

    • Top level decision makers, experts, leaders and stakeholders
    • International dignitaries, international development organisations, service providers, IT vendors, consulting firms
    • Ministries, government agencies, bilateral and multilateral agencies, non-government organisations, the global ICT industry, and civil society
    • Education policy makers, ministers, secretaries
    • Vice Chancellors, Directors, Deans, Registrars and International Higher Education Institutes
    • Education Regulatory bodies and professional association representatives
    • School Principals, Key Management, Senior Functionaries and Global K12 representatives
    • Edupreneuers, Entrepreneurs, Private Equity Investors, Venture Capitalists
    • IT Technology providers

    Key Reasons to be at eINDIA 2013

    • Meet key decision makers, experts, leaders & stakeholders in ICT arena at one platform
    • Meet Professional service providers, IT vendors, Telecom vendors, Consulting firms, Government agencies and National-International development organisations in the domain of ICT
    • Great networking opportunity with high profile speakers, researchers and ICT entreprenuers from India, Asia and beyond
    • Get updated on the latest developments in ICT initiatives from the industry’s leading ICT infrastructure providers
    • Benefit from in-depth conferences in the area of e-Governance, e-Learning, and eHealth. Participants will get numerous opportunities to witness innovative solutions from within the Indian ICT industry and beyond
    • High ROI for stakeholders from diverse fields: Government, Civil Society, Academia, Corporate and many more,through ample opportunities to nurture business skills, enhance citizen service delivery and deliver innovative solutions for the consumers & community
    • Delegates to the event will have an access to the eINDIA exhibition which will showcase cutting edge developments in ICT


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