Key Reasons to be at eINDIA 2013

    • Meet key decision makers, experts, leaders & stakeholders in ICT arena at one platform
    • Meet Professional service providers, IT vendors, Telecom vendors, Consulting firms, Government agencies and National-International development organisations in the domain of ICT
    • Great networking opportunity with high profile speakers, researchers and ICT entreprenuers from India, Asia and beyond
    • Get updated on the latest developments in ICT initiatives from the industry’s leading ICT infrastructure providers
    • Benefit from in-depth conferences in the area of e-Governance, e-Learning, and eHealth. Participants will get numerous opportunities to witness innovative solutions from within the Indian ICT industry and beyond
    • High ROI for stakeholders from diverse fields: Government, Civil Society, Academia, Corporate and many more,through ample opportunities to nurture business skills, enhance citizen service delivery and deliver innovative solutions for the consumers & community
    • Delegates to the event will have an access to the eINDIA exhibition which will showcase cutting edge developments in ICT


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