Award Categories

• Innovative Solutions for Smart Cities

Smart cities require smart solutions and thankfully there’s a lot to choose from. But, what will set these companies apart would be innovative solutions hitherto never seen before. This category is meant for those creating such solutions.

• Securing Cities

Surveillance of cities is a big issue these days as law and order agencies try to curb untoward incidents. This requires newer solutions for all these needs and fortunately, competition is hotting up in this space. This category features those newer gadgets invented by companies in this space.

• Cloud Services Initiatives

Sharing of data-processing tasks, centralized data storage, and online access to computer services or resources is no longer an exclusive need. As more and more companies shift their data to cloud services, sky is the limit for such initiatives (pun unintended). This category recognizes such services.

• Big data providers

Traditional data processing applications are no longer in use now as data becomes large and complex. The challenges include analysis, capture, curation, search, sharing, storage, transfer, visualization, and privacy violations. This category recognizes pioneering work in this space.

• ICT Implementation in Transportation

Accurate, reliable, high quality traffic data is a prerequisite for effective traffic management and information services. As traffic modes get integrated, newer innovations are the need of the hour. This category seeks to honour such initiatives in the transport sector.

• Cyber Security solution provider

With everything loaded on computers, a cyber attack can cripple any organization. Cyber security today is a bigger issue even than the physical security of the premises. A reliable cyber security provider is what every company looks for and this category brings to forefront such security providers.

• Enterprise mobility solution provider

Mobiles are ubiquitous today. Several services can reach the last man in the queue with the help of enterprise mobility solutions, more so in a country like ours. Most providers of such services have customized solutions according to the target group and this category honours such solution providers.

ICT innovation in non-conventional energy resources

Our dependency on conventional energy resources has not only harmed the environment but also created supply-demand issues. Non-conventional energy resources have to be found to emerge from this crisis. This category honours some of the great work done in this space.

• Capacity Building

• Government to Government (G2G) Project of the Year

Government to Government (G2G) Initiative of the Year Award recognises those government departments who have used ICT tools to provide and improve internal or external government to government services, transactions and interactions.

• Government to Business (G2B) Project of the Year

Government to Business (G2B) Initiative of the Year Award recognises those government departments who have used ICT tools for improved services, transactions and interactions between the local and central government and the private sector.

• Government to Citizens (G2C) Project of the Year

Government to Citizens (G2C) Initiative of the Year Award recognises those government departments who have used ICT tools to provide and improve government services, transactions and interactions with citizens.

• Innovation in Governance